Terms and Conditions

Booking an Appointment

1. Shumba’s Groom Vroom is by appointment only.

2. Please ensure you have space for a large van to park on your driveway, or the road immediately outside your home so we can plug into your electricity.

3. All prices quoted are a guide only and are based on a well behaved dog which is groomed on a regular basis with a well maintained coat.

4. A Cancellation Fee of the full cost of the groom will be charged for all missed appointments. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the Appointment Time will also be charged as a missed appointment.

5. Shumba’s Groom Vroom reserves the right to request a non refundable deposit to book an appointment.

6. All client’s will be requested to complete and sign an Authority for before grooming can commence.


7. Shumba’s Groom Vroom reserves the right to refuse to groom any dog that we feel could be aggressive. Please discuss with at the time of booking any behaviour issues your dog may have. This will give us the best chance of providing the safest, kindest groom for your dog and ourselves.

8. Please ensure that your dog has been toileted before the groom and before the agreed appointment time.

Health & Welfare


9. If a dogs coat is severely matted, it will be kinder to your dog to clip the coat short and start again with a fresh clean coat. Dematting can be painful for your dog and cause more damage to the hair, making it difficult to manage in the future. Therefore, we will only attempt to dematt a dog for 15-20 minutes (this really is only enough for 1-2 knots/matts) Please don’t ask us to make your dog uncomfortable for the sake of vanity.

10. Severely matted dogs will incur additional charges for de-matting and/or clipping off the coat of £5.00-25.00

11. Shumba’s Groom Vroom reserves the right to refuse to groom any dog that we deem too matted to safely clip the coat and will refer you to the vet if necessary.


12. Please advise us if your dog has any health issues such as skin conditions, ear or eye problems, joint problems, epilepsy etc. All of these could affect the groom or what products we use. If you fail to disclose any issues then Shumba’s Groom Vroom will not be held responsible should the grooming process reveal anything.

13. Please advise us if your dog has any dietary issues. We like to use treats during the groom and try to keep them healthy but each dog is different.


14. If you are aware that your dog has Fleas or any other parasites, please inform us immediately. A Flea infestation necessitates full sanitisation of the van so can result in later appointments being cancelled. If we are made aware, we can take steps to avoid this whilst still helping you with your dog. Should your dog have fleas, a charge of £10.00 will be made for the cost of sanitising the van and grooming equipment and using a specialist Flea Shampoo.

15. Ticks can be moved quickly and easily if we are told about them. Whilst they can spread disease such as Lymes, if we know they are there we have specialist tools to remove them safely and lessen the risk of disease. Please tell us if you know your dogs has a tick.

16. We want your dog to enjoy being groomed. We take steps to make the environment relaxing for them. We regularly use Essential oils in the salon along with herbal remedies such as Valerian extract to help calm the dogs. We use a Calming Cradle with some of the smaller dogs and have Dog Puzzle Toys for the puppy’s to help them associate grooming with enjoyment. Even with all of this, some dogs find parts of the grooming process too stressful. We will not push your dog over their stress threshold so if they find certain aspects just too stressful we may not complete that part of the groom. We will spend time with them, helping to desensitize them so we may get further with them on the subsequent grooms.


17. I love to take photos of your dogs! I love the before and after shots. I love to put a bow or bandana on them and capture them looking proud and happy! But, I will only do this with the dogs that want to play after their groom. Often, they have missed you too much and want nothing more than to show themselves off to you. When that happens there may not be many pictures. But if they do pose for me then I may use these photos on the website, social media and any promotional material. If you would rather we didn’t, please inform us at the time of booking or before the groom.


18. We accept payment by Cash only which is payable on completion of the groom. We can accept a bank transfer but this must be done prior to the groom.

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