Bathing in Heated Hydro Bath

Warm water along with our quality shampoo penetrates, and massages the thickest of dog coats for fast, efficient cleaning.

Hand Dry

Your dog has had a good deep clean, it's now time to get dry and make that coat shine!


Time for some elbow greece! Its time to remove as much loose fur as we can to make your dog look immaculate!


Your dog now needs a bit of styling. We will scissor or clip your dogs coat as instructed by you.

Nail Clipping

Don't chance causing damage to your dogs nails. We will cut them safely for you, causing minimal stress to your dog.

Teeth Cleaning

We will get rid of that oderous breath! So you both can enjoy kisses after.

Breath Freshening

We provide action against bad dog breath, whilst helping to prevent unwanted gum desease.

Ears Cleaned

Dogs are prone to ear infections. Particulary when near water. We will dry and clean your dogs ears, to maintain your dogs well being.

Eyes Cleaned

We can clean your dogs eyes helping reduce any infections to their eyes.

Tick Removal

It is vital to remove any ticks that have attached themselves to your dog. Quick removal lessens the risk of disease

Hand Stripping

A process where hair is removed by hand, usually on Terriers and Gun Dogs to maintain the correct colour and texture of the coat.

Groomers Health Check

Whilst we are not vets, we see enough pooch's to see if anything needs attention, such as gums, nose, skin, genitals and many more basic checks.

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